Chief’s Tours is located in Kiboriloni in Tanzania, which is about 6.5km from the town of Moshi.

About Us

Chief’s Tours limited is a registered company by the tourism board given permission from the ministry of natural resources and tourism of Tanzania and the Tanzania revenue authority. As a registered company it has the right to take over any tourist activity for tourist under the license given by the tourism board with license number 00325, certificate of registration for tourism operators’ number 00325, and license to carry on business of tourism operators. Since then Chief’s Tours has been an outstanding tourism company throughout East Africa providing best and excellent work to her clients. It is an ideal developed by a poor street child, an orphan whom suffered on struggling for life for many years before, hence decided to join tourism activity as a porter at the first time. He get time to explores and experience most of tourism activities across Tanzania on most attractive sceneries as a porter. After all this he decided to join school majoring in tourism’s, language and first aid provider. For that matter he was able to start his own company focus on providing the most outstanding, excellence and valuable services to his clients.

In knowing that, his clients were as kings/chiefs to him as customers, he end up naming the company CHIEF’S TOURS, on behalf of them. Since then, in respect to the clients who booked with us, the company has been able to provide most outstanding, and best work by using her experiencing and professional tour guides and porters, the company has been the best on the tourism operations.

Under the leader of Adidas Ngowi, the company vision is to provide most valuable and best work to our clients, which made the company to be the best of all through tourism operation. We made your dreams of vacation to Africa become valuable and memorable all the way back to your home. This is because Adidas as a operation manager of the company he was born on the eastern part of Mt. Kilimanjaro (marangu) studied at the college west-north of the mountain, work at for tourism activities around therefore you have no question mark when you book with us for mountain tour and other tour activities. We encourage you to book with us for best vacation in east Africa.

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