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I was born in a small village on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro where the fertile volcanic soil and low temperatures favoured the full and rich coffee trees producing the African best coffee beans. The soil also favours the very taste bananas.

A son of a farmers of whom we do drink from the fresh refreshing water from the streams flowing from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro considerably situated in my village. Mount Kilimanjaro has influence to me since my youth for my grandmother told me to look at the mountain every morning and praise the lord.

The temperatures are low and extremely evergreen throughout the year. The village is bound from the mountain by Mountainous Forest, with tall trees coloured by monkeys, birds, elephants, leopards, and Many others

As I think of my long journey toward the Professional Tour Guide, I started as porter, many years ago after getting much experience, I become camping crew then as I went on I become a cook, assistant guide and later I joined Mweka College Of African Wildlife Management and after completing my studies I become A full Certified Tour Guide.

I also attended Special courses for First Aid and to deal with tourist in difficult situations. Proudly I have been at the top mount Kilimanjaro more than 300 times in Kilimanjaro 250 times in Meru 200 in oldonyo lengai, and I have crossed the east African Great Rift Valley. Maasai tours, indigenous tours and I have also dealt with the tourist in most damaging situations. I have been Tatoga and Hadzabe tribe the pure hunters and gatherers.

I have worked with different companies, NGO's, charitable organizations and lots of clients from different nationalities.

I have overcome a lot of obstacles as a guide, working with groups raging from 20 to 60 people in a heavy rain forest, confronting dangerous wild animals , communicating with primitive African tribes and mostly working in most demanding situations . I can confront this for I feel this is my vocation and I am obliged to follow

I do not undermine my clients ever since I have learned a lot from guiding them, they have given much encourage material and moral support which fuel and boosted my experience to start my own tour company of which I am proudly introducing CHIEFS TOURS

I will find pleasure if you try our service you can also see the testimonial of those enjoying our service. WE LESSEN OUR PROFIT TO SATISFY YOU and we provided quality and affordable service.

Name: Adidas Evarist Ngowi
Education: Advance secondary education and tour guide courses.
Language: English and Swahili
Work experience: Full guiding since 1998.


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