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1-day Maasai Village

this is special tour for all mountain bikers who look challange to cycle to Western part of the mountain to see the first volcanic cones around mount kilimanjaro.Western of mountain Kilimanjaro is very rich for flora and fauna and the scenery ,you will sign inn at Londorosi gate and then after start your cycling at Londorosi gate to Shira plateau plain or Shira caldera.Shira caldera is part of mountain Kilimanjaro where the first volcanic cone occur and create a caldera and rim of Shira caldera with the peak of Klute point,Josel point ,shira needle and Shira cathedral.



drive from Moshi town to Londorsi gate where you will sign inn and start your cycline via shira route at cultivated zone,forest zone to heather and morland zone where you will have a good view of Kibo peak and the scenery around Shira plateu.

Distance:46km from Londorosi gate back to gate.

Trail:Dust and gravels road (rocky part)

Duration hours: 7-8 hours

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