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Cycling Tours

Self-contained cycling trips for pleasure and adventure, all planned by Chiefs Tours and Safaris Limited. We conduct this tour across the Great African Rift Valley.

Usambara Mountain bike tour and we offer mountain biking to our clients down on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Our guides who are also most experience on bike tour will guide together with you to the most remote areas with favourable climate and beautiful scenery. Due to it toughness we also provide our client with medication which are suitable for that tour and a four wheel car if there is any need of repair or tiredness. After all route now you will camp, celebrating and cheer up for the successful exposures of amazing and beautiful scenery of the whole route. Here certificates of participating Exposure bike tour is awarded to you by the tour guide. Also in option as Chagga and Tanzania people will hand out to you an African stylish traditional clothes, further more you will share an African traditional cake called “NDAFU”.

You can view a sample itinerary for a 2 day Lake Chala trip on our Lake Chala page.

If you'd like to find out more, please Contact Us for more information.

Touring can range from single to multi-day trips. Chiefs’ tours and Safaris will plan bike and arrange a fantastic bike tour and other accommodations. Car will accompany the tour biker/group only on day 1 and 2 to set up the camps, and will remain as an emergence car up until the last day. From day 3 bikers gets vaude bags to carry his/her own stuff on the bike. With our tour guide biker a tour biker will enjoy information and biking guide, passing across different tribal cultures like Maasai tribe, Chagga tribe and other tribes depending on tour bike itinerary and choice, Geographical features and the surrounding environments of the villages across the cycling way. Please book with us for your gorgeous tour bike adventure.



  • transport in 4x4 Safari Vehicle
  • proffessional English speaking driver Guide
  • Meals provided according to travel plan
  • soft drinks
  • overnight stays in Safari/Lodges or campsite
  • all fees
  • company libility insuarane
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