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Lake Eyasi

"The gods must be crazy" - a film from 1980 which was about the Kalahari bushmen tribe that has a Bantu-language including clicks. You like to hear a similar language and get impressed by the clicking?
The Hadzabe bushmen speak it! This tribe lives entirely in the bush and hunts with bow and arrow. All their jars, dishes, bows and everything else is made from materials they find in nature, i.e. their bows are strung with giraffe tendon. The ancient Datoga and Mbulu tribes who are also living in this area, are pastoralists like the Maasai.

But Lake Eyasi offers more than just bushmen. It is a seasonal salt lake located in the Great Rift Valley which is one of the oldest rifts in the world. The lake is very close to Serengeti National Park (south of it) and Ngorongoro Crater.
While planning to visit this lake you should better pay attention to the season as the lake is almost nonexistent during the dry season which forces the animals to share the little water left - Safaris in that time are great because all animals will gather around the lake. 
In the rainy season it becomes a real lake with a ton of different birds to see, i.e. Africa spoonbill, flamingos, pied avocet, and pelicans.
It also highly differs in flora and fauna. The almost tropical temperatures allow palm trees, sandpaper bushes and acacias to grow close to the lake. 

If you're looking for a different experience and landscape, this is the place to go. Learning about the Great Rift Valley which will cut Africa in half - in a few million years, viewing many different animals and enjoying the sun under the palm trees. 


Thank you for considering us. We look forward to bringing you the best African experience! 
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