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Essential Kit List For Trekking


The following information is seen as an essential list of what you should take with you on the mountain..

Please try and keep your total weight of equipment on the mountain to around 15kg (30 lbs) in your porter's bag (duffel/soft bag/rucksack) knowing that you will be carrying extra 6-8kg in your day pack/small rucksack. Please advise us if you will be bringing more.

Essential Items Checklist

  • Sleeping bag
  • Thermal Hat
  • Wide brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Scarf
  • Water bottle 2 x 2liters
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Fleece x 2
  • Shirts x 2
  • Thermal Gloves
  • Waterproof outer glove / mitten
  • Thermal underwear
  • Lightweight trousers x 2
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Socks x 6
  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • Spare shoes for in camp - running shoes are fine
  • Headlamp + spare batteries
  • Sun cream > factor 25, preferably 40
  • Walking Poles (very useful on descents and helps reduce stress on knees) x 2
  • Small towel
  • Gaiters (keep out small stones and water)
  • Medication (list the medication you take or intend to take)
  • Kit bag - preferably soft (so that we can put it in our custom designed porter bags easily). Porters carry this. It is highly recommended that you put all items in a large plastic liner, or even separate out in a few plastic bags to keep everything 100% dry.
  • Day rucksack (around 30 liters for waterproofs / water and any other essentials when walking day to day)
  • Water purification tabs

Other (list)

  • Insurance details (reference * telephone number)
  • Emergency contact number
  • Insurance reference

Other info:

  • Dietary restrictions / allergies


  • It is a very good idea to wear your boots on the plane and hand carry your outer shell / waterproof jacket. These items are really essential!
  • Also, if you are taking medication then this should also be carried in person.

Supplementary list

These listed items are simply things that could make your hike more comfortable or items that are not seen as essential.

  • Air mat/Thermal rest - for more comfortable sleep
  • In rucksack water carrier - Platypus, Camelback etc. The tube leading to your mouth should be insulated otherwise it will freeze on your way to the summit.
  • Gel activated hand warmers (for summit bid, but please note this is a pet hate as most people simply drop them once used!)
  • High energy bars: you should keep eating all day long and our guides will be handing out extra chocolate on route, but good quality energy bars is of a valuable addition!
  • Water flavoring: we boil, filter and then water purification tabs should be added by us or clients (you are provided with 1.5 liters of bottled water from the start and then we source water from mountain streams which are usually very clean indeed, but none the less we make sure that the water goes through 3 steps to make sure you don't get stomach upsets due to contaminated water - i.e. boil, filter & adding purification tabs.
  • Wet wipes, antibacterial: great addition
  • Poncho: great for the rain forest section. Alternatively an umbrella is also great - the preferred option of guides
  • Personal first aid kit: we provide first aid kits but you may like to bring your own, especially if you are allergic to certain drugs, or want added items. Knee supports, sanitary towels, sun block (listed in essential items), blister treatment, oral rehydration sachets and talcum powder are all potential items you might like to bring with you
  • Cordial or other water flavoring (this will mask the iodine taste, resulting from our purification methods).
  • Plastic bags - to separate dirty laundry and as a failsafe if you do not have a rucksack cover.
  • Playing cards
  • Pencil & paper for the trip log!
  • High-energy bars for the final ascent, especially as appetite can be suppressed by high altitude.
  • Ear - plugs.
  • Pocket - knife.
  • Spare contact lenses* and/or glasses and/or dentures.

Trekking Equipment: For hire

Recommended Mountain Clothing

  • Warm, wind proof jacket with hood - $20
  • Waterproof jacket and over-trousers $20
  • Walking trousers, shirts, pullover $25
  • Warm underwear $5
  • Walking socks $5
  • Good comfortable walking boots $20
  • Trainers ( for evenings) $20
  • Gaiters $10
  • Warm Gloves $7
  • Sun hat $7
  • Warm hat or balaclava $5
  • Scarf $3

Recommended Mountain Equipment

  • Good warm sleeping bag* 2-4 season
  • Water bottle (1 -to 2 liters) $10
  • Water purification tablets
  • Wash kit, towel, toilet paper
  • First aid kit (including blister plasters, lip slave, headache pills, sun cream, personal medication)
  • First Aid Kit INCLUDED
  • Torch with extra batteries $10
  • Sunglasses $10
  • Walking pole(s) $10
  • Rucksack or duffel bag $15
  • Whisky route (camping route) you will need a tent with insulated sleeping mat INCLUDED
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