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Mountain Safety



It’s VERY easy to dehydrate at altitude without noticing. The air is very dry so you breathe off more moisture. Also, your body adjusts to the high altitude by eliminating more water. Keep replacing it.


Most people lose their appetite at altitude, but the cold weather and the long days mean your body burns through a lot of calories. Keep replacing them. You will need them. High carbohydrate foods are better than fatty foods. (Any good tour operator will have considered that in their shopping and meal planning.)


The correct gear is a must, not just because shivering isn’t nice and hypothermia dangerous, but also because staying nice and toasty will lessen your risk of succumbing to altitude sickness.

CARRY LIGHT DAY SACK. Only take what you really need.  Extra kilo needs extra oxygen to carry.

Lastly, avoid alcohol, tobacco, and most definitely do not touch sleeping tablets! Or you may not wake up again…


Take extra days to enable your body to adopt the elevation by climbing other hills before Kilimanjaro

And that’s about it. Even if you are not in a position to afford extra preparation for the altitude (e.g. a Mt. Meru climb), if you are healthy, pick a good route and operator, arrive a couple of days early and take on board all of the above tips, you have a very good chance of making it to the summit.




The safety and security of both our clients and our team is our number one priority for all our tour

Safety Standards on Every tour:

  • Pulse-ox meter and stethoscope monitoring twice daily.
  • Best trained guides on Kilimanjaro and safaris.
  • Crater Camp where a quick descent cannot be made, we carry a oxygen Cylinders.

Chiefs tours limited Medically Trained Team

Chiefs tours limited guides have high altitude experience, are Certified High Altitude First Res ponder and Certified Emergence Wilderness Medicine. Trained Guides on every trip this guarantees that we run our trips in highest standards. Prior to your ascent of Kilimanjaro, we will make sure you understand what is provided for in our kit.

During the Climbs

On the mountain everyday before you start your trek guides will monitor your lungs accomplish by using a stethoscope, and in the evening - our guides perform a thorough health check, using their specialized High Altitude Medical Paper and conjunction with pulse-ox meters. Regular medical checks help keep your Chiefs tours limited guides informed about your condition. This data is crucial in understanding how your body is handling the effects of altitude change.

Guides and Porters

We provide local Guides and porters for all of our climbs. Our guests only carry a light day pack containing water, extra layers, camera and snacks. This makes the hiking that much more enjoyable and summit day that much easier. The porters set the camp and fetch water. Our professional chef cook the best food arranges breakfast, lunch and a solid nutritious diet (several courses).

Mileage during the Trek

You should expect to be on the trail for four to six hours per day. Guides set a deliberately slow pace ("pole pole", or "slowly, slowly") in order to give clients adequate time to adapt to the thinning air.

Route Choice

To offer the best possible chance to reach Kilimanjaro summit, We have analyzed the routes each for excellence which allow our clients and teams sufficient time to acclimate to the change of altitude. In details kindly view the three main peaks No technical skills of our routes, only very short sections with steep drop offs. Your guides will help you pick the best path, For the most part; the trails are very steady, safe, Well-defined and of good quality.


We use mobile phones, walk talks to contact the office if there is an urgent problem and need of help. Sometimes contact camp for those who arrived as camp master if we need help along the way for the guests who need help.

Solo Climbers

If you are alone do not worry as we cater to many visitors, you will get the same service but the cost will be slightly larger. We offer only the private Climb because you do not know each other, comes from the differences places some times its difficult to lead them.

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