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Lake Natron

Lake Natron is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, about 120 km north of Lake Manyara and the road to it is little more than a track. Lake Natron is one of the many alkaline lakes of the Gregory Rift Valley and situated in spectacular volcanic scenery. It is the main breeding area of lesser flamingos.

The Ngare Sero River Gorge

The Ngare Sero River Gorge

Overlooking Lake Natron from the South lies from Mt Mosonik, a mass of volcanic cliffs covered in bush and space acacias. Cutting deep in the side of the mountain, this unique Gorge carries water from where it gushes out of the cliff in a ground amphitheatre down to Lake Natron. The Ngare Sero river brings life to what would otherwise be a very inhospitable environment where temperature often soar into the 40s (°C).

The Gorge itself can be followed with just some easy scrambling and few simple stream crossing into fine waterfall and excellent pool for swimming. Beyond this point the Gorge narrows and only confident scramblers should continue. However for those with more modest climbing abilities it is possible to gain access to the amphitheatre by taking a higher path from the camp but which misses out the waterfall section. Allow 2 hours.

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