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Safari Checklist


Use this list to check-off your gear as you pack your bags. LUGGAGE

1 Soft-sided duffle bag No hard frames

1 Soft-sided day pack

1 Spare foldable duffle bag For extra souvenirs CLOTHING

1/day Short-sleeve shirts 2 Long-sleeve shirts Layering, sun/mosquito protection

2 Shorts 2 Convertible, lightweight zip-off pants

1 Khaki pants or casual skirt

1/day Underwear Women may consider bringing some sports bras

1 Fleece or insulated jacket For cool nights in Ngorongoro Crater or Serengeti

1 Waterproof windbreaker or an inexpensive poncho

1 Wide-brim, tie-on sun hat

1 Bathing suit For lodges with pools

1 Lightweight, comfortable sleepwear Personal preference FOOTWEAR

1 Running, walking shoes, or light hiking boots

1 Second pair of shoes or sandals

1 Flip-flops Shower shoes


1 Travel documents Valid passport with visa, immunization card, airline tickets, money, and a credit card for emergencies

1 Flashlight and/or headlamp Bring extra batteries

1 Sunglasses 100% UV screening w/retainer straps

1 Sunscreen and lip balm With SPF

1 Mosquito repellant 10-30% DEET, no aerosol cans

1 Citronella based repellent for tsetse flies

1 Anti-itch cream 3 Bandanas These have many uses, including protection from dust

1-3/day Hand wipes 1 Hand sanitizer Small bottle

1 Toilet kit Toothbrush and paste, biodegradable shampoo and conditioner, bodywash, moisturizing lotion, small packet of tissues, shaving gear, tampons and panty liners; avoid plastic tampon applicators

1 Binoculars 8x40/42 models are excellent choices; center focus binoculars are easier to use than individual focus models

1 Money belt, neck pouch, or fanny pack

1 Assortment of stuff sacks and zip-lock bags

1 Spare glasses Contact lens wearers should bring solution and wear glasses when it gets dusty CAMPING CLOTHING If you are staying at Ngorongoro Nyumba, we recommend bringing some or all of the following items (This Nyumba is at 6,700' and can be cold, especially in June, July, and August)

1 Heavy fleece jacket

1 Down vest

1 Long underwear

1 Fleece hat

1 Gloves or mittens

1 Windbreaker fleece

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