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Food is an essential part to enjoy life! You are considering to climb with us and wondering which food you will have on your journey and how our supporting team can manage to give you the best food on the mountain? Let Chief’s Tours give you a process of how we prepare your meals to the top of Africa! 

At the top of the Mountain

We are at the top of Kilimanjaro mountain enjoying our trip up the mountain and having African food together. Welcome to all the mountains, let’s see the beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro and delicious natural foods from Africa

Natural foods

Mixed fruit

Natural foods

It’s packing time! Depending on the numbers of climbers, we carefully calculate the amount of food and cooking tools to bring along and make sure everyone has decent food on the mountain.

They are the porters who carry everything from food outdoor equipment to your personal belongings to the nearly-6000-meter mountain. We can strongly say that these strong men are doing one of the hardest jobs in the world to bring you your memorable experience and earn a living to feed their families. That is the reason why your tips after the climb are much encouraged and appreciated.

It’s cooking time! Every day, our supporting team will arrive at the campsite earlier than any of the climber to prepare your tents and meals. Yes all of your chefs are men! They don’t have fancy kitchen equipment but they know how to serve people with different taste of cuisine around the world.

It’s eating time! From breakfast to lunch to dinner, from the first day to the final day, you are expected to enjoy them to the fullest.

If you have any further question on food supply on Kilimanjaro, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to provide you with all of necessary information before your climb. Also feel free to check other relevant information: CLIMBING CHECKLIST, TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL SUMMIT & ATTITUDE SICKNESS. Thank you for considering us. Let Chief’s Tours guide you to the holy mountain Kilimanjaro!

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