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Special Safari



7 Reasons Why A Honeymoon Through Zanzibar Beach Holidays Is Sexier Than Any Other Place

Zanzibar Beach Holidays 


There are numerous newlywed couples in the world who want to go for a honeymoon destination at an affordable cost and there are only a few beaches on this planet which will give you highest ecstasy & bliss with minimum cost & no hassles. Zanzibar is one of those, which provides luxury at a very good price. It is a place where you can shed all your worries & stresses of life and enjoy the morning, afternoon as well as the evening with your spouse by holding the hands tightly and taking pleasure in the private moment that you are getting from your spouse. Zanzibar Beach Holiday will give you the ‘free from all worries’ type of life which visitors only dreamt about during their daily stresses of regular life.


After coming to the Zanzibar islands with your spouse, these are the activities you are going to indulge in, and are as follows:-


Watch The Alluring Sea-Life Together


There could be nothing more delightful than watching & exploring the sea life together with your spouse with the last leg of your Africa Safari Tours in Zanzibar. During one of your Scuba diving tours, you will be able to stare at the beautiful & attractive corals beneath the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.


Apart from that, you can also be able to go through the underwater marine life prospering underwater such as numerous species of fish, jellyfish, starfish and numerous other marine living beings that unexplored until now.



Spend Each Day At Different Islands


While on Zanzibar, you are free to go nomadic with your spouse by spending & exploring a different island each day. There are two big islands which are surrounded by numerous islets.


One island is Unguja that is also known as Zanzibar & the other one is Pemba. Thus on the shorelines of all these islands, you can walk privately with your spouse for hours & rekindle your love and can also intimate if you like depending on the surroundings and circumstances that might give you some leverage.



Visit The Glowing Beach


There are some of the beaches in Zanzibar that glow after the sunset and you can visit with your lover to those islands & beaches in Zanzibar to view and have the experience.


Just hold the hand of your lover to have such an experience of a lifetime and in case you have any difficulty finding such a beach in Zanzibar, then please contact us.


Cruise By The Dhow Through The Island


Instead of relaxing inside a resort, please step into a Dhow sunset cruise to end your day of eventful activities at the beach of your remaining Zanzibar Beach Holiday. The sunset cruise leaves in the late afternoon & cruises along the Zanzibar Unguja coast by slicing through the clear & transparent waters.


Cruise By The Dhow Through The Island


During the ride, the buzzing sound of the busy people grows faint in the distance in the same way as memory is fading from a human mind. Moreover, a clean, pleasant & serene music starts flowing on the cruise and butler on board starts serving barbeque & fill your glass with a choice of wine or whiskey for you & your spouse.


Bond At A Couple’s Spa


Furthermore, there are numerous other benefits for coming to Zanzibar beach & besides indulging in beachside activities such as bonding with your wife or husband by having a spa session together.


Bond At A Couple’s Spa


Here in Zanzibar, you can get almost every type of Spa treatment in the world & that too at the height of its luxury. Just a single day with your partner at any Zanzibar spa resort is sure to turn into an eternal experience for both of you. Besides that, you can also enjoy the traditional healing methods given by the spa’s healing experts with their comforting hands.


Barbecue Your Catch


There is no dearth of activities at the Zanzibar beaches during the Tanzania Safari Tours. Apart from being relaxed at the beachside, you can also experience the satisfaction of fishing by catching & cooking your own fish by going for a night reef fishing.


Barbecue Your Catch


It is one of the best activities that you can indulge in & catching a fish followed by a barbecue for a romantic & exceptional star-lit dinner. Moreover, a delicious meal always adds spice & flavour to an everlasting romance.


Underwater Romance


In case, you and your spouse know how to swim or dive underwater, then it is a great chance for you to have an underwater romance. Yes, there are numerous places in Zanzibar, where you can propose, engage or marry with your life partner under the water filled with marine animals, mammals & plants like corals.


Underwater Romance


It is an unusual type of romance that any couple can indulge in. It is an extraordinary way to make your important & life-changing moments really very special, unique & exceptional. Yes, it is an activity that only rarest of the rare romantic pair try in the world.

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