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Lake Chala


Eight kilometres from Taveta on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, the lake is impossibly clear with steep crater walls.



We leave Moshi town early in the morning and heard towards Himo town using Taifa road which is the main route. It's approximatelly 30 kms from Moshi town to the small town of Himo. The route is tarmac road with a lot of traffic. After a few minutes catching our breath and refilling our water containers and eating some energy bars, we will head towards Taveta border (Kenyan and Tanzanian Boarder) which is 10 kms from Himo Town. The route is Tarmac with much reduced traffic. At few meters before the border we will go left towards the route that leads to Lake Chala. It is 14 kms to the lake from here. The route is rough with gravel and rocks, and is dusty all the way to the lake. At approximately 6 to 7 kms to the lake, the vegetation changes to evergreen forest that is host to many mammals like Elephant, Primates, Antelopes and different species of birds. It's 4 hrs from Moshi town to Lake Chala. On reaching the lake we will have a picnic lunch, then we will rest for some time before decending down to the Lake. At the lake you can have a boat ride around the lake. After spending some time here we will go back to the camp where we'll have soft drinks, dinner and overnight at

Budget camp -Lake chala campsite


Day 2

We'll leave the camp very early after our breakfast and ride back to Himo town where a vehicle will be waiting for us. It will take us to Marangu water falls and to other historical sites, including the caves that were used by the Chagga tribe to hide in during the 1st and 2nd World Wars. It is 30 kms from Himo to Marangu water falls. The route is tarmac all the way and it's an uphill drive to Marangu Mtoni (small town of Marangu). Before visiting the water falls we will go to the historical sites where you will learn more about the Chagga tribe that occupy the foot hills of Mount Kilimanjaro. We will get our lunch at the water falls.

After your tour you can choose to pass via the Children's Orphanage as you go back to town. Chief's Tours usually gives 10% of the profits that we get from every bike and walking tour.

Overnight at the hotel

Standard -Bristol Cottage

Budget Zebra Hotel



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  • transfers
  • Wages
  • Company liability Insurance


  • Tips
  • Extra days
  • Personal needs(alcohol,laundry and etc)

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