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Wandering on the Floor of the Great Rift Valley


This programme gives you the opportunity to meet with the Maasai people, and learn about their traditions and lifestyle. Due to their distinctive customs and dress and residence near the many game parks of East Africa, they are among the most well-known African ethnic groups internationally.


Day 1

We will leave the hotel very early and head to Tingatinga village, which is situated at approx 1600m. This will take about 1.5 hours. We will spend the rest of day here enjoying traditional dances and walking around the village. We will have dinner here and overnight at this point.

Day 2

Early in the morning we will start our 15km walk from Tingatinga to Mto Simba (Lion River) which will take 4 hours. We will then be picked up by jeep to Longido Village. The walk today is through a sand way and we will have the chance to see a variety of wild animals like Elephants, Giraffe, Zebras and Gazelles. The drive from Mto Simba to Longido Village will take 30 minutes. We will also enjoy traditional dances today after our dinner before we sleep.

Day 3

The walk today will start very early in the morning and head towards Kitumbeine village. We will walk the first 15 kms before being driven a further 7 kms to Kitumbeine Village where we will have our dinner and overnight. The walk today is very sunny and hot (28°C) and that’s why the camp should be left very early. The route is sandy and rocky at some parts to Kitumbeine village today, and we will have the first view of Oldoinyo Lengai mountain, the only active volcano in East Africa.

Day 4

After our breakfast, we’ll trek towards mountain Kitumbeine. Today we will walk through a dusty and rocky trail that will take us to Strawbane camp where we will camp and overnight. Today’s trek will be 9 km to the Camp.

Day 5

Today we will have a great trek up Mountain Kitumbeine that covers approximately 17 km from Strawbane camp. We will enjoy the amazing mountain scenery and have the chance of meeting with the local people at the market. The trek today is mainly rocky and temperatures reduce as you gain altitude up Kitumbeine Mountain. We will camp and overnight on the foot hills of Kitumbeine Mountain where we will enjoy the scenery of mountain Oldonyo Lengai and surrounding areas.

Day 6

Kitumbeine village to Gelai. The trek today is very challenging with the hot weather and several hills thats brings us to the the foot hills of Gelai. The route is dominated by a rocky terrain. The trek today gives us the chance to see wild animals like Zebra, Giraffes and Gazzeles. We will walk about 12km before having a jeep uplift to Gelai campsite where we will have our dinner and overnight.

Day 7

Gelai village to Sunken Crater 22km. After an early breakfast, the trek starts towards the sunken crater crossing gorges, plain and bushes. This is the hottest day and you are advised to put on reflective clothes and hats. Today’s walk will bring us to the rim of the crater where we’ll camp and overnight.

Day 8

Gelai village to Engauka 25kms. Today the breakfast will be served very early in the morning, then we will start walking to half way where we will have a vehicle uplift from Olkerei plain. In this place we’ll see the Maasai settlements. Today will be very hot and dusty. This will bing us to Engaruka stream campsite where we will camp and overnight.

Day 9

Engaruka Stream to Mto wa Mmbu. Breakfast will be serverd very early and then we’ll say goodbye to our supportng team before hearding to Mto wa Mmbu town Mosquito River. There is plenty of water for showers after having hot and dusty days. Our dinner will be served early so as to have plenty of time to relax in preparation for tomorrow where we’ll be heading to the world’s eighth wonder, The Ngorongoro Crater. We will overnight at Mto wa Mmbu or Lake Eyasi for two days if you’d like to visit the hunting and gathering tribes of the Hadzabe and Tatoga people.

Day 10

Mto wa Mmbu to Ngorongoro Crater or Lake Eyasi, Serengeti. We will have an early breakfast then drive up to the escarpment of the African Great Rift Valley, and then onto the Crater. The crater is 610m high and 20km in diameter, it is filled with more than 25000 animals including rhino, elephant, lion and zebra being among them. After the tour to the crater, we will head back to Arusha or Moshi town.

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