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Mt. Kenya

Mount Kenya is the less climbed cousin of Mount Kilimanjaro nearby in Tanzania, however many people prefer the wilderness, abundant wildlife and stunning mountain lakes that you find on Mount Kenya. Point Lenana at 4985m metres is a feasible trekking peak and also currently the worlds highest via ferrata summit route, which adds to the challenge and enjoyment. The panoramic views of the jagged volcanic peaks, wide valleys and surrounding savannah makes a trek on this mountain a thoroughly enjoyable African experience.


We have been guiding trips on Mount Kenya since 1996 and have full time mountain staff at the base. We adopt a proper approach to acclimatisation which means that the ascent is not rushed. We run advertised trips on all the main routes with scheduled dates but can also offer tailor-made private trips and can add-on safari's to experience a bit more of Kenya's diverse culture and unique wildlife in some of the world's great National Parks, Game Reserves and Conservancies.





Mount Kenya trek

5 day trip for £995.00


Trek to Point Lenana peak going up and down the Naro Moru and Sirimon routes on the North and West side of the mountain.


Mount Kenya Traverse

5 day trip for £1,095.00


Ascend by the west or northwest side and descend the south-eastern Chogoria route to traverse the mountain via the peak of Point Lenana.


Mount Kenya Summit Circuit

A six day trek to Point Lenana crossing the mountain from West to East and circling the summit massif via several of the famous high camps.


'No Picnic on Mount Kenya' route

A six day trek up the less travelled Burguret route made famous by the Italian Felice Benuzzi, and descending the Chogoria route.


Mount Kenya Batian Peak

Multi-pitch technical climb on Batian, the highest peak on this impressive mountain.


Mount Kenya Nelion Peak

Multi-pitch technical climb of the South East face of Nelion peak. Eight days including west-east traverse of the mountain and two summit days.



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