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Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second Highest mountain on the African continent without questions the most spectacular and steepest in pioneering history.

Situated just few hundred miles South of the equator, the mountain itself is the huge remnant volcanic plug that reaches to 5,199m (17,058ft) once conical, now heavily eroded by ancient glacial activity to produce several jagged, prominent peaks to a single mountain

To reach to true summit you will need technical climb or mountaineering skills, but the summit of point Lenana at 4985m (16355ft) is relatively easy for the fit and adventurous to reach and the peak that we will be aiming for.

An ascent of Mount Kenya is an experience never forgotten. Its diversity of habitat, geography and wildlife, coupled with the tough challenge of the ascent are second to none. And to make it that bit more unforgettable, we will putting on a once in a lifetime gig on the mountain for the evening after we have made the summit. The sun will set over the bands, throwing a glowing fire over the towering mountain we have just conquered as dusk falls and the music goes on into the right.

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