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Day 1 Machame gate to Machame Huts

Altitude gained: 1210m


Machame Gate1811m/5942ft to Machame Huts 3021m/9911ft

Coming from Moshi,drive to Machame Gate,altitude 18811/5942ft. We will register/lunch and make sure you use toilet facilities. The walk today is dominated with walking through the rain forest, and we will take around 4 to 6 hours. Soon after arriving at  Machame Hut you will sign your name in the registration book /camp and overnight.

Dinner and overnight



Day 2 Machame huts to Shira Cave


Altitude gained:818m

Machame Huts 3021m9911ft to Shira caves and campsite 3839m/12,595ft

Start to climb part of Shira plateau, parts of this walk are bit steep and the skinny,naked heathers at this altitude provide little shade from the heat,whats more ,the path is dusty,at least after lunch ,so if you have gaiters you will probably thankfull for the protection they provide .In spite of all this,by taking it slowly,(pole pole)resting frequently and enjoying en-route views that encompass Kibo,Meru and all points down the foothills of mountain.

Duration hours 4 to 6 hours

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner .

Day 3 Shira hut to Barranco Via Lava Tower Rock

Distance:10.75km via Lava Tower Rock:altitude gained:147m(788m up to Lava Tower Rock Camp)

Descent to Barrannco 641m

Altitude gained:147m

Shira Caves to Barranco Valley Huts Camps

SHIRA CAVES AND CAMPS 3839m/12595ft/BARRANCO HUTS 3986m/13077 ft


We’ll start early in the morning and trek towards the western to the Southern slopes of Kibo through the dry terrain of the Shira Plateau. The trek will cover 10.75km which will take us to Barranco Valley. 147m gain might surprise you, but this is vital for acclimatisation due to the 4400m that we will reach during the day. We will take 7 to 10 hours, and camp and overnight.


Day 4 Barranco Hut to Karanga Upper Camp


altitude gained:48m

Barranco Huts:3986m/13077ft to Karanga Upper Camp (Peanut Upper Camp)4034m/13,235

Today we will start by climbing Breakfast Wall, gaining 220m. Our walk will proceed across the ridges and valleys to Karanga Upper Camp (Round Nuts Camp) at 4034m. This will take 4 to 5 hours, and on reaching Karanga Camp, we will have a hot lunch and optional acclimatisation trek up the scree slopes towards the Southern ice fields. This will increase our chances of reaching the top of Freedom Point Uhuru Peak.You will camp and overnight at Karanga Upper Camp.

Dinner/ Breakfast/Lunch

Day 5 Karanga Upper Camp to Barafu Huts


Altitude gained:628

Karanga campsite:4034m/13235ft

Barafu Base Camp:4662m/15,295ft

Our morning today will start by making our way between the boulders and over the sheltered rock and stones, before a short scramble up the cliff that brings us to Barrafu Ridge and camp at 4662m, try to get some food and rest as soon as posible and sort your preparations for the next stage before it gets dark you have got along night ahead .


Day 6 Barafu Huts to Uhuru Peak via Stella Point descent to Mweka Hut /Millenium Camp

Ascent distance:4.86km

altitude gained:1233m

Descent distance:11.5km

altitude Lost 2789m

BARAFU HUTS:4662m/15,295,Stella point:5745m/18848ft,uhuru Peak:55895/19341ft

Millenium camp:3827m/12556ft,Mweka camp:3106m/10190ft

We will leave camp around midnight to start our climb up the scree slopes to Stella Point at 5745m on the rim. Then we’ll continue to Uhuru Peak at 5895m. You should wear several layers of thermal clothes. We’ll get the chance to see the amazing views and take photos at the summit. We’ll then descend to Stella Point, then down the scree slopes before finally getting back to Barafu Camp where we will have between 30 minutes to 1 hour to rest. We will then continue the trek down to Millenium Camp at 3827m where we will camp and overnight. This will be the hardest day in your life time and it will take 13 to 15 hours to ascend and descend.

Day 7 Mweka hut to Mweka Gate

distance :9.1km

altitude lost 1473m

Mweka hut:3106m/10190ft,Mweka gate:1633m/5558ft


We’ll start early in the morning and trek down through the dusty path into the beautful rain forest that will take us to Mweka Gate. The walk today will take 5 to 6 hours. At the gate we’ll have a picnic lunch, songs from your team and certificate presentation before driving to the hotel where you’ll have dinner and overnight.



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