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This is the most easiest and popular route up Kilimanjaro and used by most trekking groups. A trek on this route usually takes five days (four nights) for the round trip. Most trekkers only go as far as Gillman's Point, on the crater rim at 5685m, as from here to the summit at Uhuru Peak and back requires another four hours of walking.



  • Distance:8.3km
  • Altitude gained: 818m
  • Marangu Gate:1905m/6250ft,Mandara hut:2723m/8934ft

From Marangu gate (1905m) the track passes through the forest which gives people an opportunity to observe the wildlife and enjoy the forest. Mandara Hut (2723/2934ft) has a group of bunkhouses, in goods conditions, with bed capacity of 80 people, toilets and a clean water supply. From here we can visit the nearby Maundi Crater  and a small mound rising out of the trees to the north. Views from the top, over the forest up to the main peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi, provide plenty of inspiration for the trek to come. Meals and Overnight will be served at Mandara Hut.


  • Distance:12.5km
  • Altitude gained:998m
  • Mandara Hut:2723m/8934ft,Horombo Hut 3721m/12208ft


From Mandara Hut there are two paths running roughly parallel through the forest and then a narrow band of heather before meeting near the start of the moorland and to the right are the jagged peaks of Mawenzi, looking higher than Kibo from this angle, although undulating and steep in places, is easy to follow all the way up to Horombo Hut (3700m/12000ft). Meals and Overnight will be served at Horombo Hut.


  • Distance:9.5
  • Altitude gained:993m
  • Horombo Huts 3721m/12208ft,Kibo Huts 4714m/15466ft

From here we continue gradually gaining height, past the Last Water point which is the highest running water on this route and cross the flat plain between Kibo and Mawenzi until we meet Jiwe La Ukoyo (meaning "pointed Rocks") at 4394m. From here Kibo Hut will take us another one and half hours which is at 4714m at Kibo huts base camp Huts. Meals and Overnight will be served at Kibo Hut.

Day 4 Kibo Huts via Gillimans point to Uhuru Peak and Descent to Horombo Huts

Ascent Distance:6.25

Altitude gained:1181m

Descent distance:15.75km

Altitude lost:2174m

Kibo huts 4714m/15466ft,Gillimans Point 5719m/18763ft,

Uhuru peak 5895m/19341ft,Horombo Huts:3721m/12208ft

After our third night at Kibo hut we usually start walking very early in the morning in order for us to see the sunrise from the crater rim, and give us a chance of avoiding the mist. Also, the scree slope up to Gillman's Point, and the snow on the path to Uhuru Peak, will still be frozen, which will make the walking safer and less strenuous. Sunrises at a round 6am and we should allow ourselves 5 to 6 hrs from Kibo Hut to Gillman's Point (5680m), plus another 2hrs to reach Uhuru peak (5896m). From Uhuru or Gillman's Point we descend on the same route and it will take us one to 2hrs-3hrs to Horombo Hut. Take time to rest and then after descent to Horombo Huts for dinner and ovenight.

Day 5 Horombo hut to Marangu gate-Back to Moshi


Altitude lost:1816m

Horombo hut:3721m/12208ft Marangu Gate:1905m/6250ft

On this last day we retrace our step and down on the path to park gate. Meals and Overnight will be served at our town Hotel.




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