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Day 1 Londorosi Gate to Morum Barrier-Shira 1/Simba cave campsite

  • Morum Barrier to Shira
  • Distance:3.75km
  • Altitude gained:99m
  • Morrum Barrier to Simba cave campsite;6.5km
  • Altitude gained:215215

Drive to Londorosi Park Gate for registration and lunch,continue your drive to Morum Barrier

Drive from moshi to the juction of bomangombe then turn to the right sanya juu road to londorosi park gate for registration and Lunch.drive to Morum Barrier gate through montane forest.

you will start your walking to Simba Cave campsite for dinner and overnight.



Day 2 simba cave Camp to Shira hut campsite via cathedral peak

  • Altitude gained:255
  • Simba cave campsite:3640m/11942ft Cathedral peak/3862m/12671ft Shira hut:3895m/12779ft

Today you will walk across shira caldera via cathedral peak and shira needle for acclimatization.This is the day you will gate a real scenerey of Shira Plateu and the sister of mount kilimanjaro mount Meru.After pictures and lunch on top of cathedral peak you will walk across the ridge to the hills of Shira plateu to shira hut camp site where you will camp and overnight.

Day 3 Shira Huts campsite-Lava Tower Rock

  • Distance:6.7km
  • altitude gained:732m
  • Shira hut Camp:3895m/12779ft Lava tower rock camp:4627m/15180ft

From shira route you will climb roky parties to the juction of Machame route and Lemosho route,all this route is known as whysky route.On top of this ridge at the the junction you wil have a good view of mountain meru and the the view below the mountain.You will have another 30 minutes to the juction where you will have lunch and then after walk to the Lava Tower camp for dinner and camp.

Day 4 Lava Tower camp to arrow Camp

  • Distance:2.5km
  • Altitude gained:244m
  • Lava tower Rock campsite:4627m15180ft/Arrow Glacier campsite:4871m/15981ft

today you will have optional walk to arrow glacier rock(acclimatisation day) then after back to your camp for hot Lunch,evening you will have another optional climb of Lava tower rock.

Before dinner you will have short brief concern your summit ascent and last preparation for your gears,today you will have early dinner

You will work up midninight and have a gup of hot drink and some energy bars ready for summit ascent to the rim of crater then after to Uhurui Peak

Day 5 Lava Tower camp via Arrow Glacier Camp to Uhuru Peak descent millenium/mweka campsite

  • Distance:6.5km
  • Ascent :altitude gained:1268m
  • descent:Altitude lost:2789m
  • Distance descent: 11.5km
  • Lava tower:4627m/15180ft/arrow glacier:4871m/15981ft/uhuru peak:5895m/19341ft/millenium hut campsite:3827/12556ft/Mweka hut:3106m/10190ft

Start to take a direct way to Summit by climbing lose scree parties and rokies to the rim of crater,this is the difficult parties and most dangerous areas because of rock fall.At the rim of crater you will have a good view of mount meru and othe physcal features below the mountain.you will have another one hour to the summit then after pictures youll descent down via stella point to Millenium camp for dinner and Overnight.

You will walk not less than 12 hrs ascent and descent.real difficult day


  • Distance:9.1km
  • Altitude Lost:1473m
  • Mweka Hut:3106m/10190ft,Mweka Gate:1633m/5358ft

 After breakfast, we continue the descent down to the Mweka Park Gate to receive your summit certificates. At lower elevations, it can be wet and muddy. Gaiters and trekking poles will help. Shorts and t-shirts will probably be plenty to wear (keep rain gear and warmer clothing handy). From the gate, continue another hour to Mweka Village. A vehicle will meet you at Mweka village to drive you back to hotel in Arusha. Don’t forget to tip your guides and porters It is time for celebration!



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