• Kibo after Sunrise
  • Elephant with baby
  • Wildebeest and zebras
  • Beach dinner
  • Lions in tree
  • Dolphins
  • Camping on Kili
  • Glacier
  • Masaai jumping
  • Masaai jumping
  • Masaai jumping
  • Bird
  • Group photo
  • Bird of prey
  • Trekking
  • Hot air balloon
  • Wildebeest migration
  • Kili peak
  • Leopards
  • Camping on Kili
  • Trekking




Day 1 Momela Gate to Miriakamba


Altitude gained:906m

Momela Gate:1597m/5240ft Miriakamba Huts:2503m/8212ft

After breakfast dive from Moshi/Arusha hotel/Lodge to Arusha National park at Mgonda gate for registration, drive and pass through natural glades to thick forest where is very rich for flora and fauna to Momella gate where you will start your trek to Miriakamba Hut (2503m.)
Dinner and overnight

Day 2 Miriakamba Huts to saddle Huts


Altitude gained:1057m

Miriakamba Huts:2503/8212ft Saddle Huts:3560m/11680ft

Miriakamba to Saddle Hut, pass through forest to heather and moorland zone, acclimatization ascent to Little Meru(3821m) in the evening.

Day 3 Saddle Huts to the Summit and back to Miriakamba Huts

Ascent Distance:5.5km

Descent Distance:11.6km

Altitude gained:1006m

Altitude Lost:2063

Saddle Huts:3560m/11680ft,summit:4566/14980ft,Miriakamba Huts:2503m/8212ft.

Early start around 4:00 am to Rhino point (3874m) rim of crater then after to Socialist Peak (Summit)4566m then descent back to Saddle hut for light lunch before descent down to Miriakamba for Dinner and Overnight.

Day 4 Miriakamba Huts to Momela Gate


Altitude lost:906m

Miriakamba Huts:2503m/8212ft,Momela gate:1597m/5240ft

Descent down to the gate and drive to the hotel Moshi/Arusha

You may take 3 days to ascent and descent Mount Meru depending on your budget and fitness.





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